Teams of 2 complete for time:One person working at a time

Cash In 400m Run (Together)

100 Ball 2 shoulder (35/25)kg
100 Sumo Deadlift High Pull (35/25)kg
100 Box Jumps (20″)
100 Push Press (35/25)kg
100 Calorie Row

Cash Out 400m Run (Together)


AMRAP 30 teams of 2:
12 Power Cleans (61/42.5)kg
Run 200 Meters
12 Lateral Burpees Over the Bar
Run 200 Meters
12 T2B
One person works at a time. Power cleans should be light and should be able to be completed in Touch n Go fashion. Burpees are two foot jumps over the bar.


Front Squats
Front Squat: 8 x 3 @60%, every 90s.
Spend 10:00 getting warm/HR up for “Jackie”
All sets need to be explosive

For time:
Row 1k
50 Thrusters, 45/35
30 Pull-ups
TIME CAP 10:00


Work up to 1RM. Rest 2:00
- Take 8-10 sets. 
- Bar should be slightly below knees
- Beg: 5 x 5 adding
Athletes should work up to a 1RM. 

“Ham Sandwich”
50 Wall Balls (20,14)
25 Deadlifts (100,70 )kg
50 Wall Balls
*EMOM 5 Burpees*

75 Hollow Rocks

*In between sets practice your kip for 5 reps.


 Push Press 1RM
Take 8-10 Sets and work up to a 1RM. 
Rest 2:00
– Beginner: Work 7 sets of 4 adding weight if form permits.

Scoring: Load
20  KB Snatches (24,16)kg
150m Run
20 Alt. Db G2OH (22.5, 15)kg
150m Run
*Score run as 2 (out = 1, back =1)
Full round = 44 reps
This should be somewhat of a sprint. Each round should be completed pretty much unbroken, though this will get tough in the last few minutes. 
Scoring: Rounds


Power Snatch Clusters: 
8 x 1.1 (10s) 
Rest 90s-2:00.
– Add weight each set.
– Rest 10s between singles
– Adv: Work up to 85%
– Beginner: Work technique
Scoring: Load
15 KBS (32/24kg)
30 Double Unders or 60 HR
15 Goblet Squats (32/24kg)
30 Double Unders or 60 HR
15:00 Cap
KB should be heavier today, but sets should be able to be completed in 3 sets or less. Athletes pace should be around 75% effort.


AMRAP 30min
Teams off 3
2 team mates working at a time on an exercise chipper style.
One team mate is the Pace setter  150m meter Row.when finish row team mates rotate.
50 Ball 2 Shoulder 25/25kg
100 Kb Swings 24/16kg
150 OH Lunges 24/16kg
200 Ballslams 15/10kg
150  Box Jumps or step ups 20"
100 KB Snatch 24/16kg
50 Sand Bag Cleans 25/15kg



"Team of 2 Murphish" (Time)

 Teams of 2
Only one person working at one time
For time:
10 x 160m Run Ball carry 10kg (relay)
100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Squats
10 x 160m Run Ball carry 10kg (relay)
Share the work anyway you want.The ball must not touch the ground at anytime.it must be HELD by the team mate at all times .if it is dropped in anyway 5 bur-pee penalty for each team member.on the spot :).

Partition the pull-ups, push-ups, and squats as needed. Ie. rounds of 5/10/15, or otherwise.
TIME CAP 45:00

Sub 1600m row for run as needed
Jumping Pull-ups (No ring rows today), box/bench pushups
Scaling reps to 50/100/150
Or a mix of both movements and reps. 


Partner FGB!
3 Rounds with a partner:
2:00 of Max Wallballs (20, 14)
2:00 Max Calories Row or 100 meter Runs
2:00 Max Wall Climbs or Handstand Walk
2:00 Max Abmat Sit-ups
2:00 Max Burpees
Athletes will alternate exercises with their partner completing 60s of work each then transitioning to the next exercise. This workout is 30:00 in length. Score = total reps completed.
*Scale as needed. One athlete works at time completing a full minute then switching with their partner.
*This workout is performed just like Fight Gone Bad

5:00 of Arms + Abs
– Alternating DB Curls x 20 (total)
– Russian Twists x 20
Complete 3 Rounds
Scoring: Reps


Clean + Jerk:
Every 90s x 6 sets:
– Spend 5:00 warming before starting the clock
– Start at 60% and add weight each round
– Goal is to end around 90% of 1RM and beat last weeks last weight 5-10#’s
– Beginners: Technique Work or Back Squat 5 x 5 from the rack.

For time:
30 Squat Cleans (85, 60)kg
Rx+:(100, 70)kg
*10:00 Cap
The weight is intended to be heavy, but athletes should be able to complete 4-5 reps every minute.


Every 6:00 x 4 Sets:
Run 400 Meters
25 Air Squats
50 Double Unders
Score = Fastest Split
You should have more than 2:00 rest after each set. Although we are going for fastest split- consistency is still the focus here rather than a "fly and die"

Front Rack Carry
Accumulate Max Distance with a partner in 30 meter intervals in 8:00
Use 24/16kg KB's if possible


 Push & Pull
Bench Press: 
5 x 5, adding weight each set. 
Rest 90s.

Wide Grip Pull-ups: 5 x 5. Rest 90s.
*Grip should be outside of shoulder width and should emphasize use of the lats
Superset of close grip bench press/wide-grip pull-ups. Make sure to not “flare” their elbows on the bench press. 
With the pull-ups, Make sure you aren’t compensating by “leaning back” to complete the reps. Try to move straight up and down.

4 RFT:
15 Overhead Squats (42.5/30)kg
15 KBS (24/16kg)
15 T2B
12:00 Cap
OHS and KB swings, should be unbroken or close to. Toes to bar will likely be the limiter here. This will not be an all out sprint, and grip will get taxed, so having a plan to break things up is key.


10 Round for a time In Teams of 2
Alternate each exercise
150m Sandbag Carry Relay 25/15kg
 5 Ball 2 Shoulder 45/35kg
10 Deadlifts 70/55kg
15 DB G2OH 22.5/15kg
20 sit ups


Front Squat Box Squat: 
Work up to a 1RM. Rest 2:00
– 8-10 Sets
– Sit back on Box just like a regular box squat
Beginners: 5 x 5, adding if form permits.
Make progressive jumps in weight. Have a plan in mind before starting. Have spotters on both sides of the bar if needed.

For time:
Run 400 Meters
50 Thrusters (35/25)kg
Run 400 Meters
10:00 Cap
Don’t go out too fast on first 400m. Break thrusters into smaller sets than you think even though the weight is light (sets of 10). Use a weight that you could easily 25 UB reps with. These are intended to be light, even for Rx athletes. The last 400m should be everything you have left in tank.


Test Your Lungs
For total time:
500m Row, 25 SDHP 32/24kg
400m Row, 20 SDHP 32/24kg
300m Row, 15 SDHP 32/24kg
200m Row, 10 SDHP 32/24kg
100m Row, 5 SDHP 32/24kg
Rest 2:00 after each completed round
25:00 Cap
Goal today is pacing. With a shorter row and descending reps, try to maintain or get faster with each round.

3 Rounds of:
15m each Arm Bottoms-up KB Carry. AHAP
Deficit push ups x 30s Max Reps. 
Abs - Ball Pass 30s Max Reps. 
Rest 90s.




In teams of two
3 Hang Power Cleans (52.5/35)kg
6 T2B
9 Front Squats (52.5/35)kg
*One athlete completes a full round at a time
Rest 2:00

“Open WOD 14.1”
30 Double Unders
15 Power Snatches (35/25)kg
*One athletes completes a full round at a time
Rest 2:00

“Open WOD 16.1-ish”
8 Overhead KB Lunges (20/12)kg
8 Burpees
8 Overhead KB Lunges
8 Pullups
*One athletes completes a full round at a time
All movements should be light. Make sure you set-up for all 3 workouts before getting started today as there is only 2:00 in between pieces.


Squat Clean + Jerk:
EMOM 10: 1 Rep
– Spend 5:00 warming before starting the clock
– Start at 50% and add weight each round
– Goal is to end around 85% of 1RM.
– Beginners: Technique Work or Back Squat 5 x 5 from the rack.
Work up to a 2-3 challenging sets of squat clean and jerk. These should not be maximal, but more to get in some fast sets.

7 Rounds for time
5 Shoulder to Overhead (52.5/35)kg
10 Deadlifts (52.5/35)kg
15 Box Jumps (24, 20)
*Rest 60s
*Step-ups are permitted here

50 Banded Hip Flexor Pulls each leg
100 Banded leg Curls each leg


 Floor Press 1RM
Floor Press: Work up a 1RM. 
Rest 2:00
DB Hammer Curls: 3 x 10. Rest 60s.

5 Rounds for time:
50 DU’s
20 KBS (24/16kg)
10 Burpee Box Jumps (24, 20)
18:00 Cap
Manage breathing and pace each round. Most times athletes heart-rates will get too high with burpee box jumps. This is why breathing becomes even more important for consistency throughout the workout.

“Dirty 30s”
3 x 10-10-10
DB Tricep Extensions to forehead + Rolling Tricep Extensions + Db Presses


40 minute

Ascending ladder 2-4-6...

Slam balls  15/10kg

Kettle bell swings 24/16kg

Goblet squats 24/16kg

Row (Cal)

Sit ups

Push press 35/25kg

Overhead Kb Lunge 24/16kg

Russian Kb Twists 24/16kg

Box jumps 24/20”

Dead ball over shoulder 35/25kg

At end of each round 100m run


Snatch Work
Full Snatch: 8 x 2. 
Rest 90s-2:00
– Work up to 75% or to a moderate load resetting between reps. 
Beginners stay light and work on technique.
8 sets of doubles adding weight each set for full snatches. These are NOT touch n go, reset between reps and establish a perfect set-up position. Plenty of time to focus on technique and progressions today.

Overhead Squats (42.5/30)kg
Rx+:(52.5/35)kg (C2B Pull-ups)
10:00 Cap
This workout should be completed at near maximal output, unbroken sets for the entire workout if possible. If overhead squats are not comfortable at high intensity yet, scale to a Front Squat so to not miss the level of intensity that should occur with this workout.
8:00 Accumulate Max 100 meter Trips of Single Arm Farmer Carry, AHAP.