1RM Power Clean
Power Clean: 1RM. 
Rest 2:00
– 8-10 Total Sets
– Beg: 10 x 2 working technique or Clean Grip Deadlifts up to a challenging set of 2-3.You will need these numbers down the road

For time:
Deadlift (62.5/42.5)kg
Hang Power Cleans (62.5/42.5)kg
Front Squats (62.5/42.5)kg
Time cap 10:00


 Gymnastics Static Hold
EMOM 10:
ODD Mins: Handstand Hold x 30s
EVEN Mins: 30s Hollow Hold
Try to reinforce the hollow-position/ribs down/abs engaged and active shoulders.

2 Wall Climbs
10 KB Swing, 24/16kg
15 Abmat Sit-ups
20 Air Squats
200m Run
Goal for today is just to keep moving. heart-rate should be elevated to an aerobic level but not get over that threshold where we need to stop or slow down.


 1RM Jerk from Rack
Rest 2:00
– Beginner: Push Press, 6 x 3, adding weight if form permits
– Any Style Jerk permitted
Make sure to record scores today. You will need these numbers down the road. Athletes can use any style they are most comfortable with.

For time:
Double Unders / Heavy Ropes X 2
Wallballs (20, 14)
10:00 Cap
Should be a sprint and people should be able to perform big sets on wallballs. Try to complete wall-balls in two sets or less.
Scoring: Time


Every 5:00 x 4 Sets:
Run 400m = 500m Row
15 KB Swing (24/16kg)
12 Pull-ups
Rx+:(C2B Pull-ups / 32/24kg)
Look to maintain same splits each round and control breathing during your running. Pull-ups should be completed in no more than 2 sets. The idea is to have roughly 90s rest after each set. Just enough rest to sustain an aerobic effort throughout.

3 Rounds of done as a finisher:
DB Single Leg RDLs x 6-8 ea. Rest 30s.
DB Hammer Curls x 8-10. Rest 30s.
Reverse Crunch x 10. Rest 30s


Teams of 3 or 4 all reps must be completed by each team member
Deck of Cards for a time
Hearts- KBS 24/16kg
Diamonds- Ballslams 15/10kg
Spades- Push ups
Clubs- Ab Mat sit ups
Joker 1- 50 Burpees
Joker 2 – 800m Run
Face cards are worth 20 reps


Power Snatch + Overhead Squat: 
Work up to a heavy 2 + 2 (2 Power Snatch then 2 OHS)
Rest 90s-2:00
– Adv: Work up to a max
– Intermediate: Pick one weight and hit 5-6 sets with it.
– Beginner Technique Work
There are multiple options for all abilities. If working to a max this should take 5-6 sets. Only work to max if technique allows.

For time:
30 Power Clean (42.5/30)kg
30 Overhead Squats (42.5/30)kg
30 Thrusters (42.5/30)kg
10:00 Cap
A sustained sprint, but break you sets based on your ability, whether it be fast singles  or touch n go. Thrusters should be able to be done in sets of 5-6 reps. This is another workout with a tight time-cap on purpose. You can't waste anytime with this one so scaling the load must be correct.


AMRAP 36 with a partner:
10 Pull-ups
20 Deadlifts (85, 55)kg
30 Burpees
40 Alt. Pistols (or 60 Air Squats)
50 Abmat Sit-ups
800 Meter Run = 1k Row
Rx+:(10 Bar Muscle-ups in place of Pull-ups) (100, 70)kg
*One person works. Split as needed.
 There is an Rx+ option with higher-skill work available for advanced athletes.


Snatches & Front Squats
EMOM 6: 
2 Squat Snatches @80%.
+5% from last week
– Reset on each rep.
– Beginner: Very light technique work
Reset on each rep.

EMOM 6: 
3 Speed Front Squats @70%
+5% from last week
Final week of Speed work with Squat Snatch and Front Squat. Loading is only slightly heavier but speed and efficiency still take precedence.

“Open WOD 14.1”
30 Double Unders / 60 Heavy rope
15 Power Snatch (35, 25)kg
This should be a pretty fast-paced workout. Snatches should be light but feel free to scale to clean and jerks. Athletes can modify snatch to clean and jerks and still receive the same intent if their skill is not there with the power snatch. The snatches must be light to receive the desired stimulus of this workout.


Rope Climb Practice
– Beginners: Ground to standing with rope

Apollo 13
For total time:
Row 1k
30 KBS (24/16kg)
30 Walking Lunges (BW)
3 Rope Climbs
Rest 3:00
Row 750 meters
20 KBS
20 Walking Lunges
2 Rope Climbs
Rest 3:00
Row 500 Meters
10 KBS
10 Walking Lunges
1 Rope Climb
Rx+:(32/24kg) (Legless Rope Climb)


Close Grip Bench
Close Grip Bench Press w. a pause: 
5 x 5. 
Rest 2:00
– Up to a moderate heavy set of 5. This should not be a max.
– Pause for 1 ct on chest.
5 sets with ascending weights.

For time:
50 Wallballs (20, 14)
25 S20H (62.5, 42.5)
50 Box Jumps Overs (24, 20)
25 Wallballs
50 T2B
25 Ring Dips / 30 Bar Dips
50 Wallballs
25:00 Cap
Pacing is key with this piece. Come up with a strategy before starting and don’t allow yourself to come close to failure with any of the pressing movements especially considering this pieces gets harder towards the end.


With a partner:
At 0:00
15 min to establish 1RM Snatch

At 15:00 For A Time
*split work as needed

3 Rounds
30 Squat Cleans, (42.5/30)kg
30 SDHP, (42.5/30)kg
8 x 100m Run - Relay

-right into-

50 Muscle Ups (rings is preference, but use bar if needed)
100 Burpee Pullups


“Tailpipe” Thank You Peter.H for this one
3 Rounds (Each)
250m Row
Partner holds 2 Kettlebells(32/24)kg in the front rack position
You may not start rowing until your partner has established the rack position. If your partner drops the KBs before row is complete, you must discontinue rowing until the static hold is re-established.

Rest Exactly 3 Minutes

4 Rounds Each
10 Deadlifts (100,70)kg
6 Box jumps (30/24")


For time:
“Team Helen”
3 Rounds with a partner:
Run 800 Meters
42 KB Swing, (24/16kg)
24 Pull-ups

Then right into,
“Team Annie”
Double Unders or Heavy Rope x2
Abmat Sit-ups
30:00 Cap
– Alternate Scaling 800m Run = 1k Row
Have fun and come up with plan that maximizes each athletes strengths. Make sure all pieces are set-up before starting the clock and all equipment is on hand. If needed scale higher skill movements so you can maintain consistency working with your partner. KBS and pull-ups for Helen should be completed light/fast.

Arms + Abs
3 Rounds of:
15 Flutter Kicks
20 Alt. DB Curls
30 Banded Pressdowns
Scoring: Other


Snatches & Speed Front Squats
2 Squat Snatches @75%. +5% from last week if everything went well– Reset on each rep.
Beginner: very light technique work- power snatch is recommended here

 EMOM 6: 
4 Speed Front Squats @65%
+5% from last week
 Add only 5% more or use same weights if you had any issues last week. Make sure that we are prioritizing speed/efficiency and not loading. Front Squats should be explosive and not grinding on any of the 5 sets.

Sprint Triplet
Every 4:00 x 5 Sets:
3 Power Clean (85, 55)kg
9 Lateral Burpees
100m Row
Rx+:(70% of Power Clean if heavier than Rx weight)
*Score = fastest split
Each set is 100% Max Effort. These rounds should be complete under 75 seconds allowing for optimal rest. 
Power Cleans should be heavy but done Touch n Go. Lateral burpees should try to stay as low to the ground as possible moving as fast as possible.


 EMOM 8:
ODD Minutes: 150m row / run. 
EVEN Minutes: 30  Double Under / 60 Heavy Rope 

 Fight Gone Bad format 4 Rounds reps
Ballslams (15/10 kg)
Barbell Front Rack Reverse Lunges (42.5/30)kg
Russian Twists w. a plate (25, 15)kg
Barbell Rows (42.5/30)kg
Push Press (42.5/30)kg



Turkish Get Ups (2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2)

Find a 2 rm then complete another 4 sets


In teams of 2
AMRAP 20 Minutes
20 KB Swings (24/16)kg
20 Box Jumps (24 / 20)
One athlete will Row 400 Meters while the other completes as many rounds/reps of the AMRAP as possible. The athletes will then switch, with the athlete coming off the row picking up right where the other athlete left off


 Shoulder Press: 1RM. 
– Take 8-10 sets
– Beg: 5 x 5, adding.
Barbell Rows: 4 x 10. Rest 60-90s.
 Make sure not take too big of jumps in weight and fail too early. This should take 8-10 singles. 
Keep the ribs down and not cheat by initiating the movement with legs; their should be no leg drive whatsoever.

For time:
Run 400 Meters
21 Wallballs (20, 14)
21 Burpees
Run 400 Meters
15 Wallballs
15 Burpees
Run 400 meters
9 Wallballs
9 Burpees
20:00 Cap
Focus on being efficient with running technique and breathing purposely with burpees.


 Power Clean power Jerk  1RM
Take 8-10 Sets and work up to a 1RM. 
Rest 2:00
– Beginner: Work 7 sets of 4 adding weight if form permits.

For time:
 30 reps Clean and Jerk 62/42


 Banded Deadlift
Conventional Deadlift against a band: 
Build to heavy single (Aim for 75-80%)
Rest 2:00
– Drape band over the bar
– Higher your deadlift is the heavier band you should use.
Beginner: Work on Deadlift Technique perform sets of 5 resetting on each rep with no band.
Work up to a heavy single with a heavy band over the bar. This should take 8-10 singles. Make sure set-up position is on point. 
Working up to 75-80% of ones current 1RM is a good goal as the band will overload the top of the movement. Keep in the mind band will provide the most resistance at the top so it’s important to be aggressive off the floor.

Squats & Pullups
12 Front Squats (42.5/30)kg
9 C2B Pull-ups
Slow paced metcon today. Front Squats should be light and capable of being done UB for at least the first few rounds. Even though this workout is only 7 minutes I would recommend splitting into manageable sets out of the gate and sustaining that pace for the entire workout.