Tag Team Run - In teams of 3, run as far as possible in 30 mins. The run is to be completed in 150m shuttles with only 1 person running at anyone time.

Tag in for each run is 10 burpees to be completed while the person returned from the previous run picks up and holds 2 x 32kg (24kg) kettlebells. If the KB’s are put down the burpees must stop until they are picked up again. Once the burpees are completed, the KB’s may be put down and 10 situps must be completed before that person is eligible to start another round (ie prior to the next set of burpees).

So a round for each person looks like .... 10 burpees + 150m run + KB hold + 10 situps

Continue to cycle for 25 mins. 

Score is total distance covered by team.

 Log results online (Beyond the white board